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Some quick tweaking.

Logistics Manager for Vox here. Having to do some quick reworking of a few things on the site. Nothing major but it will mean a few new posts of some old stuff. This is in preparation for me adding a bunch of new dolls to the collected listings that I’m posting now. Vox is still working on dolls/patterns and I’m updating as quickly as I can. Currently the Manatee pattern is in the works, the only real hang up is me editing a couple photos for it. I had to put that on hold when I realized there were a couple things that needed to be fixed here on the site first. As soon as I’m done I’ll get back to editing and the pattern should be ready shortly after that. Thank you for your patience! Back to the salt mines for me! =D

New Design in Progress

Vox’s husband here, as you can probably tell I’m in the process of setting Vox up with a blog. It’s nearly done but I still have a bit of some work to do to get everything to fit just right. Please bear with me for a couple days. Keep an eye out soon because Vox has some great ideas for posts, patterns, and projects going forward. Anyway, I think that’s going to be all from me for now. Back to work getting things to look right.