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Bowel Disruptor – Transmetropolitan

Spider’s weapon of choice for most of the series is a handheld “bowel disruptor,” which causes instant and painful loss of bowel control, with various settings that allow him to vary the level of pain and discomfort the device will inflict, ranging from simple diarrhea to complete rectal prolapse. At a much harsher level, the victim has a bowel movement so dramatic and agonizing that it induces unconsciousness. While at least three times in the series, it is revealed through dialogue that the gun can be set to ‘Fatal Intestinal Maelstrom’. Spider prefers this weapon because, despite being illegal, it is (usually) non-lethal and its effects are untraceable. His assistants, Channon and Yelena, have also been armed with bowel disruptors during The Cure arc.

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This is the bowel disruptor which is a weapon most often wielded by Spider Jerusalem in the comic Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis. It is created to be life sized and is made entirely of yarn and stuffing. The dial on the sides even turns!

Spider Jerusalem – Transmetropolitan

Spider Jerusalem is a fictional character and the protagonist of the comic book Transmetropolitan, created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Darick Robertson, introduced under the now-defunct Helix imprint of DC Comics before being moved to the Vertigo imprint.

Spider is a renegade gonzo journalist forced to return to The City after having exhausted a substantial advance from a publisher without completing the books required by contract. After five years of effective retirement as a long-haired hermit in a compound in the mountains, he returns to The City to complete the books, takes up work for an urban newspaper to support his writing, and finds himself battling political corruption at the highest level.

From the Wikipedia