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Demona Ball Jointed Tribute Doll – Gargoyles

This is a ball jointed crocheted doll of Demona from the Gargoyles cartoon. This was a huge project but worth it since she came out amazing. She stands just shy of 5 feet tall and has a 7 and a half foot wingspan!

David Xanatos – Gargoyles

David Xanatos is the founder, owner, and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises. Once the gargoyles’ greatest enemy, but now their… host.

Xanatos was born in Bar Harbor, Maine, in 1955, the son of Petros Xanatos, a local fisherman. In 1975, he received a rare 10th century coin from a mysterious stranger (actually a member of the Illuminati), which he sold to a collector for 20,000 dollars. Xanatos then used that money to found Xanatos Enterprises, increasing his wealth until now he has become one of the richest men in the world. Along the way, he became a member of the Illuminati (currently a member of the lowest rank, Thirty-Six).

–From the Gargwiki

Titania – Gargoyles

Titania is the wife of Oberon and queen of the Third Race. Her human alias is Anastasia Renard.

At some unknown point in time, Titania and Oberon were married and ruled over the Fair Folk together. In those days, however, Titania was vain and petty, and displayed considerable scorn towards mortals. At last, in 995, a specific action of hers (as yet unknown) served as the final catalyst in angering Oberon; he divorced her and banished both her and the rest of the Third Race from Avalon, to dwell in the outside world for the next thousand years, in the hopes that they might learn to respect the mortal races.

–From the Gargwiki

Sedona – 2007 Gathering of the Gargoyles Mascot

The Gathering of the Gargoyles is an annual convention run by fans, for fans.

–From the Gargwiki

Sedona here, was the mascot for the 2007 Gathering of the Gargoyles held in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

Puck – Gargoyles

Puck is a Child of Oberon and a trickster.

A personal servant to Oberon, Puck was banished to the human world in 995 along with the rest of the Third Race. His adventures there are unknown until some point in the late 20th century, when he observed Titania’s disguise of Anastasia Renard, and became intrigued by it. Deciding that he would like to play a part in human affairs, disguised as a human, himself, he took on the identity of Owen Burnett, modelling him in appearance and character after Preston Vogel.

–From the Gargwiki

Phoenix Gate – Gargoyles

The Phoenix Gate is a magical talisman that allows whoever uses it to travel through time and space.

The origins of the Phoenix Gate are vague, but it is believed that it came into existence with time itself, as a sort of safety valve for the Time Stream. Somehow it took on its present form, that of a small, flat, heater-shaped object with a phoenix design upon it, at some point before the late 10th century.

–From the Gargwiki

Owen Burnett – Gargoyles

Owen Burnett is Puck’s human alias, and David Xanatos’ right-hand man.

Puck “created” the role of Owen Burnett after discovering how Titania had taken on the role of Anastasia Renard, and becoming intrigued enough with her so doing to decide to create a human identity for himself. He therefore took on the identity of Owen Burnett, deliberately modeling this alter ego – in both appearance and character – after that of Preston Vogel (choosing Vogel for his “original” since he had never played a “straight man” before). Originally, Owen was an employee of Halcyon Renard at Cyberbiotics, but he quickly found Renard too “dull” for his tastes, and entered the service of David Xanatos instead, delighted and intrigued by Xanatos as a kindred spirit, a fellow trickster.

–From the Gargwiki

Oberon – Gargoyles

Oberon is the ruler of the Third Race.

Oberon is the son of Queen Mab by an unknown father. At some unspecified point in the remote past, Oberon overthrew Queen Mab in a great war, imprisoned her somewhere, and became ruler of the Third Race, who were thereafter known as Oberon’s Children. They are not his literal children, of course; rather, they are children in a metaphorical sense, as his subjects, with himself as the “pater familias”. He married Titania, after he deposed Mab, and later on passed a magical decree that barred the Third Race from interfering in the affairs of mortals.

–From the Gargwiki

Lexington – Gargoyles

Lexington is one of the gargoyles of the Wyvern clan and later the Manhattan Clan, and a member of the trio.

Like his rookery brothers Brooklyn and Broadway, Lexington was hatched in the Wyvern Clan rookery in the year 958. He and they became close friends during their childhood, thus forming the trio. They and Bronx survived the Wyvern Massacre of 994 thanks to their having been confined to the rookery for getting into a fight with some of the humans, and so were not found and shattered by the Vikings. Lexington and the others, however, were afterwards turned to stone by the Magus, and remained in stone sleep for a thousand years, finally awakened when Xanatos moved Castle Wyvern to the top of the Eyrie Building.

–From the Gargwiki

Leo – Gargoyles

Leo is a gargoyle of the London Clan.

Leo was hatched in the rookery of Knight’s Spur in 1898. With his rookery siblings, he was probably taught the Excalibur Poem by his elders. At some point before 1940, he was one of the gargoyles who volunteered or was chosen to work at the clan’s “Into the Mystic” shop in Soho along with his rookery siblings Griff and Una.

–From the Gargwiki