Vox Mortuum Dolls are hand-crafted crocheted dolls produced exclusively by Vox Mortuum.  The dolls are made in the “amigurumi” style of crochet, which means that they are worked in a spiral that provides more structural stability to the doll.  The dolls are designed with a “chibi” slant in mind – this means that they are small, childlike versions of whatever they are meant to represent.  Some details are exaggerated for purposes of identification, and some details are removed entirely.  Think of the doll as a soft sculpture caricature, representative of the actual person or creature.  The dolls are detailed enough to fully evoke an idea of the character symbolized, but not overly complicated.

Although most of my dolls are entirely original creations, I do occasionally make dolls that are representative of characters in popular culture, movies, television, and literature.  Such dolls are in my Tribute line, and are meant as parody objects – people and characters in pop culture enter so much into our lives and imaginations that we want to be close to them.  We embrace them in our hearts as a child hugs a doll in their arms.  Tribute dolls are meant to bridge that gap.  Since Tribute dolls may be based on copyrighted objects or characters, they will *NOT* be commercially available nor their patterns sold.  Tribute dolls may become available at special events and by private commission only.  I do *not* claim to have the rights to the characters represented by my Tribute dolls; when you purchase one, you are paying only for my time, skill, and materials.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to see as a soft sculpture, PLEASE ASK FOR IT! I love to be challenged with a new idea, and I want to see what new and different things I can create.  I believe I can create *anything* for a commission.  Please note that since all dolls are handmade, there may be small differences between identical dolls.  Although I do my best to duplicate each of my designs faithfully, I cannot guarantee that a remade commission doll will be exactly like previous versions.

We recommend gentle hand-cleaning and air-drying only on Vox Mortuum Dolls.  Because of their nature as art dolls we do not suggest severe abuse or machine-washing/drying which may cause damage to the stitches.  Excessive snuggling may stretch out the stitches or cause the stuffing to shift, so there is a fine balance between keeping a doll as pristine as possible or loving it until it is a well-worn old friend.  But as “The Velveteen Rabbit” said, it is loving wear that makes a doll Real.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy my creations!  ^_^