Thanks first and foremost to the love of my life, who gives me drive to succeed, will to survive, and the unflinching support and affection that fuels my muse.  A promise, a vow and a voice – a rhythm of hope and choice that keeps us together… Thanks also to my family – you have made me what I am today, and I mean that.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Jack Terrycloth of the World Inferno Friendship Society, with a line from one of my favorite books:  “In silence the word; in darkness the light… bright the hawk’s flight on an empty sky.”  In the mirror of your music, I’ve seen even deeper into my own red-eyed soul.  Sincere affection and appreciation for every true friend I’ve ever had in my life, and every generous soul I’ve ever met.  It’s been a bumpy ride, but even better a trip for your presence in it.

And a special moment of thanks to you who read this now, that you’ve given me even a moment of your time and allowed me to speak to you across the miles and the hours to share a bit of the world I know.