Regarding the overall quality of the dolls and their sturdiness over time:

We do not condone this sort of, er, *loving abuse*, nor do we suggest that all Vox Mortuum dolls can take
or will stand up to this treatment. However, we’re thrilled  that these particular dolls have held up so well!

From a client regarding this video:

My 5 year old niece comes over, invades my room,and then abuses my toys! *L* Uploaded for Vox, to show just how tough they guys are. :) The take everything she throws at them (or throws them at!) wonderfully!!

I love the part where she takes out everything on my desk and then tells me she doesn’t have to pick it up. *L*

Regarding the cat bus:

In case you didn’t know, Vox Mortuum is an incredibly skilled and talented crocheter who designs and builds amigurumi dolls.  So I asked her, “you think you could make a Catbus?  It looks like this.”  Well, I just picked it up from the post office this morning.  Amazing.  I think I’ll have to send her a copy of My Neighbor Totoro by way of thanks.

What a brilliant job you did on this! He’s purrrfect!

Regarding the centaurs:

I received a female centaur doll a while ago. My Centaur is one of the most magical creatures I have ever owned. There is an aura of comfort to her, aside from the utter perfection of her creation. Her mane and tail flow freely, and her body is huggable and soft. Sometimes, when I am unhappy, all I have to do is look at her to feel better. I would highly recommend anything that you are interested in from this talented artist.

– Miintikwa

Regarding my patterns:

Fast shipment, professionally done pattern, very happy with purchase, highly recommend and I would definitely be pleased to purchase from this seller again.

Best patterns I’ve seen in a long time, so detailed and thoroughly explained.

Incredibly detailed instructions for everything, thanks so much!

Regarding my designs:

I am loving your mythical (or perhaps not) horses. I just added Pegasus to my favorites as well. You do lovely work on shaping and such!

Hands down the most amazing FO (finished object) I have ever seen. This is insanely beautiful.

Regarding the Galactus:

I’ve been trying to compose an email that adequately summarizes my elation and gratitude.  I am so unbelievably happy! (My commissioned doll) is more wonderful than I ever could have imagined.  Your craft is unique, your style is compelling, your attention to detail is perfectly balanced with the simplification of complex form, and is it ever nice to hug.  (…) He is worth a lot more that what I paid.  I wish it were within my means to pay you ten times what I have.