Half human, half horse. Untameable, unstoppable, with poisonous blood in their veins. Some lived their immortal lives only to instruct the sons and daughters of Man and to perpetuate the study of art and science. Some lived only to rape and abduct, to steal and plunder, and to cover themselves in the glory of battle.

Bull slayers. Eternal sages. Priceless beauty and fearsome ferocity. Always a dichotomy; a beast always at odds within itself.

This listing is for the Centaurs crochet pattern. This pattern will make both male “Mustang” and female “Marion” centaurs. Each doll will wind up being about 18 inches tall 18 inches long by 10 inches wide.

Please be aware that, although I try to make my patterns as simple and easy to understand as possible, you may get more value from them if you are an intermediate to experienced crocheter. A familiarity with sc, dc, increases, decreases, and working in the round will serve you in good stead. :)

Patterns ordered from me will be delivered by email in .pdf format, either as an attachment or a downloadable link, so please make sure you have a working email address included in your payment information.

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