Southern Belle

Life is so difficult when you’re sixteen years old, the belle of three counties with a 17 inch waist and hundreds of beaux, sitting on the front porch sipping at mint juleps while other people do all the work for you — wait. No, it’s not! But it IS the life of an antebellum southern belle. Spoiled, pampered, with hands that have never seen harder labor than needlepoint and a head that holds no thought beyond the next barbeque party or dance. She must enjoy this innocence while it lasts; it will end with the coming of the War that sweeps across the country like a hurricane. And what will life be for her then?

This listing is for the Southern Belle crochet pattern. It makes a female doll “Margaret” that is 17 inches tall, 9 inches wide at the hands, and 17 inches across the width of the skirt. This pattern is fairly intensive and will create the doll, shoes, petticoat, skirt, cincher/corset, and hat with ties.

Please be aware that, although I try to make my patterns as simple and easy to understand as possible, you may get more value from them if you are an intermediate to experienced crocheter. A familiarity with sc, dc, increases, decreases, and working in the round will serve you in good stead. :)

Patterns ordered from me will be delivered by email in .pdf format, either as an attachment or a downloadable link, so please make sure you have a working email address included in your payment information.

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