If you love tentacles as much as any other anime girl, this pattern is for you!

Your average octopus has an arsenal of weapons designed for its defense: the ability to change color, to squeeze into tight bolt holes, to bite with their crushing beaks, to even squirt a cloud of ink or to lose an arm to facilitate their escape form a predator.

But none of these will need to be used on you, because you will be this invertebrate’s close friend. Octopuses are amazingly smart creatures of the deep, able to figure out and open a jar in three minutes or less to procure a tasty treat hidden inside. If your heart has a screw-top lid, this realistic-looking plush will get into it just as quickly.

This listing is for the crochet pattern to make “Reacher”, an octopus that is about 9 inches tall at the head and an amazing THREE FEET across from tentacle tip to tentacle tip.

Please be aware that, although I try to make my patterns as simple and easy to understand as possible, you may get more value from them if you are an intermediate to experienced crocheter. A familiarity with sc, dc, increases, decreases, and working in the round will serve you in good stead. :)

Patterns ordered from me will be delivered by email in .pdf format, either as an attachment or a downloadable link, so please make sure you have a working email address included in your payment information.

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