The Wicked Witch of the West

Pure evil, or so we’re told. Dorothy is sent by the Wizard of Oz to destroy the Wicked Witch. In the story, she had only one eye — but it could see like a telescope. For the sake of symmetry I gave her both eyes, but I kept all the other wicked witch tropes alive — the green skin, the black dress, the pointed hat, the broom. She is so evil that when Toto bites her she does not bleed; her evil had dried her up ages ago. She forces Dorothy to be her slave until the time that Dorothy sloshes a bucket of water over her, melting her into non-existence.

This listing is for the crochet pattern that will make a Wicked Witch that is approximately 23 inches tall and 12 inches wide; it includes the instructions for her hat, broom, cloak, boots, dress, and corset — tons of detail!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written by L. Frank Baum and published in 1900. However, the book lapsed into public domain in 1956, so the characters are available for free use in other works – such as my dolls!

Patterns ordered from me will be delivered by email in .pdf format, either as an attachment or a downloadable link, so please make sure you have a working email address included in your payment information.

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