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About My Patterns

Vox Mortuum Designs are amigurumi crochet representations of all manner of mythical and odd creatures, meant to delight and inspire you!

Please be aware that, although I try to make my patterns as simple and easy to understand as possible, you may get more value from them if you are an intermediate to experienced crocheter. A familiarity with sc, dc, increases, decreases, and working in the round will serve you in good stead.

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Animals >> Dolls >>

Animals >> Domestic


   Chihuahua Amigurumi Stuffed Toy

*** COMING SOON! ***


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Animals >> Mythical


   Pegasus/Horse Amigurumi Stuffed Toy (legacy)

Son of Poseidon – whenever his hoof touched the ground a fresh spring broke forth. Perhaps occasionally caught but never broken. Pegasus finally found solace on a high mountain in a sacred place, carrying Zeus’s thunder and ridden by the Dawn.

I put my personal spin on Pegasus in this pattern… here he’s still in his rebellious Nightmare phase, stung by Heaven’s gadfly, searching for some sort of peace to be found between earth and sky. Pegasus will be about 12 inches tall and stand about 16 inches long.

Price: $7.00 USD


Pegasus/Horse Thumbnail 1 Pegasus/Horse Thumbnail 2 Pegasus/Horse Thumbnail 3 Pegasus/Horse Thumbnail 4
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Animals >> River, Lake, and Ocean


   Frog Amigurumi Stuffed Toy (legacy)

Bullfrogs make a lot of noise, looking for that perfect mate -- and who among us *hasn't* kissed some slimy pale creatures in search of their prince? Thank heavens this frog is dry and clean and snuggly, and does not hog the sheets or snore or watch football or...

This listing is for the crochet pattern to make "Gregory" the Frog Prince. This Frog is extremely poseable — and sizable, coming in at a massive 23 inches wide from finger to finger, 9 inches of body length, and 24 inches from snout-tip to toe-tip.

Price: $5.00 USD


Frog Thumbnail 1 Frog Thumbnail 2 Frog Thumbnail 3 Frog Thumbnail 4
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   Manatee Amigurumi Stuffed Toy (legacy)

The gentle sea-cow called the manatee spends over half its day sleeping and the other half grazing for food -- sounds like a wonderful life! They're capable of complex associative learning, have excellent memories, and communicate with a wide range of sounds to maintain contact with each other and deepen relationships. If their flippers could hold a book or a crochet hook I'd want to reincarnate as one!

This listing is for "Marianne" the manatee, who is a plush and happy Trichechidae working up to be approximately two feet long and 8 inches across the chest.

Price: $7.00 USD


Manatee Thumbnail 1 Manatee Thumbnail 2 Manatee Thumbnail 3 Manatee Thumbnail 4
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   Octopus Amigurumi Stuffed Toy

Your average octopus has an arsenal of weapons designed for its defense: the ability to change color, to squeeze into tight bolt holes, to bite with their crushing beaks, to even squirt a cloud of ink or to lose an arm to facilitate their escape form a predator.

But none of these will need to be used on you, because you will be this invertebrate’s dearest friend. Octopuses are amazingly smart creatures of the deep, able to figure out and open a jar in three minutes or less to procure a tasty treat hidden inside. If your heart has a screw-top lid, this realistic-looking plush will get into it just as quickly.

This listing is for the crochet pattern to make “Reacher”, an octopus that is about 9 inches tall at the head and an amazing THREE FEET across from tentacle tip to tentacle tip. Reacher has two layers over his stuffing, so it won't show through the stitches.

This pattern is 9 pages long, with 8 diagrams and color pictures.


  • Red Heart Sandy Print or Shaded Browns - 9 oz.
  • Red Heart Aran or Soft White - 6 oz.
  • Red Heart Black - less than 1 oz.

Hook: Size H

Stitches: sl st, ch, sc

Price: $7.00 USD


Octopus Thumbnail 1 Octopus Thumbnail 2 Octopus Thumbnail 3 Octopus Thumbnail 4
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Dolls >> Mythical


   Angel Amigurumi Stuffed Dolls (male/female) (legacy)

An angel blocked the gates to the garden of Eden; an angel brought death to the first born in Egypt. An Angel carried news of the conception to Mary. A host of angels sang of his birth, and a few brought comfort to Jesus in the desert after the 40 days.

This listing is for the crochet pattern to make both the male “Asariel” and female “Sraosha” angels, in Warrior and Messenger accessories. Each doll will wind up being about 18 inches tall by 10 inches wide, with a 3 foot wingspan.

Price: $3.00 USD


Angels Thumbnail 1 Angels Thumbnail 2 Angels Thumbnail 3 Angels Thumbnail 4
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   Demon Amigurumi Stuffed Dolls (male/female) (legacy)

The Demon and Demoness both turned out adorably wicked. He wound up having a sort of Antonio Banderas thing going on, while she definitely has a Scarlett-Gone-With-The-Wind vibe. He’s got a hot zoot suit and she practically DEMANDED a blue dress. They’re ready for a night out of dancing and dreaming.

This listing is for the Demon and Demoness Crochet pattern. This pattern will make both male “Samkiel” and female “Zehanpuryu” demons. Each doll will wind up being about 18 inches tall by 10 inches wide with a 3 foot wingspan.

Price: $3.00 USD


Demons Thumbnail 1 Demons Thumbnail 2 Demons Thumbnail 3 Demons Thumbnail 4
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   Mermaid Amigurumi Stuffed Dolls (male/female) (legacy)

It’s a beautiful life: combing the shore under the sea all day for pearls and bits of pretty shell, side by side with the one you love — and only coming to surface when the sun is setting, to watch the sky change colors and the stars come out. We don’t sing the sailors to doom, ever — but sometimes they want to follow us anyway.

This listing is for the crochet pattern to make both the merman “Storm” and the mermaid “Misty”. Both dolls are twenty inches from head to fin, and nine inches from arm to arm.

Price: $3.00 USD


Mermaids Thumbnail 1 Mermaids Thumbnail 2 Mermaids Thumbnail 3 Mermaids Thumbnail 4
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